Forthcoming Appearances 


28 Sep 2018 7.30pm

Brogärdet, Järna, Sweden


29 Sep 2018 10-13

Instrumental workshop with Methera, for all instruments.
Brogärde, Järna, Sweden

29 Sep 2018 7pm

Aggershus, Östansjö, near Örebro, Sweden

30 Sep 2018 4pm

Folkmusikens hus, Rättvik, Sweden


1 Oct 2018 7pm

Methera work in progress concert, Hagaberg, Järna, Sweden

2 Oct 2018 6pm

Fabula berättarscen, Teater Pero, Stockholm


Previous Appearances


17 June 2018

Sweden premier at Ljungby Storytelling Festival

11 May 2018

Gregson Arts Centre, Lancaster, UK

10 May 2018

Nordic Voices Festival, Hexham, UK


4-6 July 2014

Strange Lovers at Beyond The Border.

Wales International Storytelling Festival, Wales


3 July 2014

House concert and supper. Please e-mail ant @ for details.

Ettington, near Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

1 July 2014 7.30pm

Strange Lovers comes to Hexham

Queen's Hall Arts Centre, Hexham, England. Box office tel: 01434 652477.

24 Oct 2013 8pm

Strange Lovers makes a guest appearance at Shaggydog Storytellers. Tickets £5 on the door.

Stubbing Wharf Pub, King Street, Hebden Bridge, England.

5 May 2013 5.15pm

Strange Lovers has its premier at the Fiddles on Fire festival.

The Sage Gateshead, England.

14 April 2013 7.30pm

Strange Lovers show an exerpt from the show at a Methera concert.

North Westmoorland Arts, Appleby, England.